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If you aim to create a trustworthy online presence for your brand or project, you should get an SSL. The value of SSLs as a major security asset has grown so much that Google has stated its intent for making SSL Certificates a greater priority in search rankings. That's why, an SSL Certificate is highly recommended for your internet site.

On our site, you can obtain both standard and Wildcard Certificates at an affordable price. Every single Certificate contains rock-solid file encryption together with a 100 % free re-issue. A 30-day money-back warranty is included too, which means that you could try out our SSL solutions without risk.

If you intend to use an SSL Certificate on your site, so as to protect the payment and login data which users submit, you will need a Certificate Signing Request, also known as CSR. The Request contains all the information related to the entity which will use the SSL in an encoded form, for instance the exact web address for the website, the Business/Organization name, physical and email address. It has to be sent to a service provider, or Certificate Authority, which reviews the posted details and based on it, gives the SSL certificate. The actual SSL installation requires four different bits of code - the certificate, the CSR, a special private key that's generated alongside the CSR and the SSL vendor private key. A website that has an SSL installed can be loaded with https:// rather than the usual http:// and the info submitted for the CSR will be viewed in standard text format through a web browser.

SSL Certificate Generator in Web Hosting

In case you host a site in a web hosting account purchased through our company and its users submit sensitive information, you can get an SSL certificate for it straight through your website hosting Control Panel and with no more than a couple of clicks.

We have an easy-to-work-with order wizard, therefore you only have to choose the domain/subdomain and enter the needed details for your Certificate Signing Request.

You will receive an e-mail message to approve your order and soon after the SSL is issued, it will be installed automatically by our system, so you will not need to deal with any codes or settings.

If you plan to use the services of another Certificate Authority, you can only create a CSR using your Control Panel and then copy the code that you have to submit for the SSL. You will find the private key generated along with the CSR in the very same section.